Croquée sur la Vie et le Vif

 | I’m thrilled to announce a new exhibition of work taking place at Inspiré Boutique in Azille from 1 April through to 25 April.

I am one of two artists with original work on display for sale – the other being a like-minded local ‘plein air’ artist – Denis Carrière.  Denis works mostly with pastels and acrylics on board, whilst my paintings will be watercolour, with some ink and gouache.

We both usually sketch from life, in locations around the area, so the name of the exhibition Croquée sur la Vie et le Vif seemed very appropriate – which translated means “Sketched of Life and from Life” – and Vif can also mean bright, coloured and lively.

The Vernissage takes place on Saturday 1 April from 6pm – I look forward to seeing you there!