Workshop with Santi Sallés


If you follow the Urban Sketchers community you will probably have heard of Santi Sallés. Based in Barcelona he is not that far from the USk Languedoc base here in France.

I didn’t have a chance to sketch with Santi at the USk Symposium in Amsterdam, but I spoke to some that did and they all gave his workshop rave reviews!

Santi has become well known for teaching his ‘greens’, plus alternative ways of page composition and looseness of line. With a worldwide following and sponsors, Santi can also offer his students free samples of some of the paints he uses too.

I asked Santi if he would like to offer a workshop in Languedoc, and I’m delighted to say that he agreed!

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the date we fixed has been moved to 17 April 2021. It will certainly be a great day and a superb opportunity for us here. He’ll be teaching for one day in Beziers, in the food market and in the beautiful Parc des Poetes.

Numbers will be limited, so do book soon if you’d like to guarantee a place!